1 First, click "Sign up" to go to the registration page.

2 is required to fill in the correct mobile phone number, and then click the "Get Verification Code" button. After the mobile phone receives the verification code, it fills in the form.

3 In the column, please fill in the email address of the other party. If there is no recommender, it does not need to be completed.

1What if I don't receive a verification code?

First, confirm that you have filled in the correct mobile number. If you can't receive the verification code if you filled in correctly, please contact customer service. We will help you solve the verification code issue as soon as possible.

2 failed to receive the verification email?

First, make sure to fill in the correct email address. Second, check the junk mail box. Sometimes our verification mail will be automatically classified as spam by the system. If you still cannot receive the verification email, please contact customer service promptly. We will help you solve the verification code issue as soon as possible.

3 How do I change my login password?

Under the "Account Settings" menu, click on the "Change Password" option and the following Change Password screen will pop up.

First fill in the original password, then confirm the new password twice, and click the "Confirm Edit" button.

1Install Google Authenticator


To use Google Authenticator on your Android device, the operating system on your device must be Android 2.1 or higher. To use Google Authenticator on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you must have the latest version of the operating system installed on your device. In addition, to use the QR code to set up the app on the iPhone, you must use an iPhone 3G or higher device.

Download Application

Install Google Authenticator for Android Install Google Authenticator for iOS >

Setting up the application

  1. Use your mobile number to turn on 2-step verification for your account (if it's not already turned on).
  2. Under Authenticator Apps, click Settings.
  3. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Authenticator app.
  4. If this is your first time using an authenticator, tap Start Settings. To add a new account, tap Add in the bottom right corner.
  5. To associate your mobile device with your account:
    • Use a barcode: Click Scan Barcode, and then point the camera at the QR code displayed on the computer screen.
    • Use manual entry: Tap "Enter verification code manually" and enter the email address used for your Google Account. Next, enter the key shown on the computer screen in the box under Key. Then turn on Time Based and tap Done to finish.
  6. To test if the app works, enter the verification code on your mobile device in the box under Enter a verification code on your computer and click Verify. You can use the clock icon on your mobile device to see how long it takes to get an existing verification code out of date and new code generation.
  7. If the verification code is correct, the system will show you a confirmation message. Click Finish to confirm. If the verification code is incorrect, try generating a new verification code on your mobile device and enter it on your computer. If you are still experiencing problems, you may need to verify that the time on your device is correct or see the FAQ.

2 Scan Google Authenticator QR code.

If you need to scan the barcode, click the "Account Settings" menu to see the "Authentication Settings" option, find Google 2-Step Verification, click the "Edit" button, you can find your QR code.

3Activates Google 2-Step Verification

Finally, don't forget to click the red button on the right side to change from the "inactive" state to the "activated" state. The button turns green and the activation is completed.

1What is a Limit Trading?

Limit trading is the default trading mode. In simple terms, it is a limited price, a limited number of orders, trading. The above interface is the limit trading interface.

There are several conditions for a limit transaction:

  1. Buy/Sell price
  2. Buy/Sell Quantity (You can also operate the slider)

Fill in the necessary conditions and click the buy/sell button. Your order has been successfully generated.

2 What is a market transaction?

Market transactions are transactions that are traded at the market's best price. There is no limit to the price, only the total amount of the transaction is limited. In this way, transactions can be concluded as soon as possible. In general, we recommend the use of market trading in the event of large price fluctuations.

Market transactions simply fill in the transaction amount and then click the buy/sell button to submit the order. Easy to operate.

1 Why are assets frozen?

Frozen assets are due to the following actions:

  1. The pending order was successful, but the commission was not completed or not completed. The commissioned amount was temporarily frozen. The commission completes or cancels the pending order, and the frozen assets will be returned to your account.
  2. A cash withdrawal action is not fully successful after it is submitted, or it is temporarily frozen when it is waiting for a manual review. After the withdrawal is completed, the freeze is automatically released.

So please don't worry, assets freeze is normal. Will encounter in the normal operation process, please wait patiently.