Listing Application Information and Commitment

1. Brief introduction and contact information of project team principal (please provide mobile number, common email)*

2. Full project name*

3. Project's official website*

4. The latest version of the project link to the white paper (the latest link, changes may affect the listing) *

5. Project Profile (within 400 words) *

6. The full name of the token and the abbreviation of the token (according to the information available from Coinmarketcap or Etherscan) *

7. Is the ERC20 token? *

8. If it is ERC20 token, the latest smart contract address of the token *

9. If it is other tokens, need to provide wallet file, or github code *

10. Total tokens supply, if the total amount of tokens is not fixed, please provide the method and description of changes in total amount of tokens*

11. Token Allocation Scheme*

12. Currency currency accuracy (decimal points) *

13. Debt Private Equity Financing Plan and Completion (Financing Is Completed)

14. Private Equity (How many tokens corresponding to 1ETH or 1BTC must be filled in accurately, otherwise it will directly affect the currency) *

15. Current tokens value

16. Project token public offering time

17. Project Token Public Offering Price (if there is no public offer please fill NONE)

18. The maximum amount and/or minimum amount of financing for the project token open offer

19. Completion of Project Token Open Offer Financing Plan

20. Has the project token been listed on any trading platform? If yes, how many trading platforms listed?

21. Have you made any promise of token price raising*

22. Are there commitments on repurchase, reward, dividends, equity interests, debt, etc. *

23. Is it a commitment to issue tokens to be put on the secondary market *

24. Does the emphasis on tokens is an investment *

25. Do people with tokens have the right to vote? And does voting rights have a decisive role in the processing of project parties, the project itself, and other third-party assets?

26. Whether the project has related terms, FQA, and user agreement on the purchase of tokens, buyer/participant qualification requirements or geographical restrictions

27. Project initiators set up legal documents

28. Utility Token legal opinion statement (formal legal opinion issued by the firm that proves that its token/ico does not constitute securities, is currently mainly to prove that in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore does not constitute securities, legal opinions must be issued based on the latest white paper)


We solemnly promise that all of the above information we provide to the Exchange is true, comprehensive and accurate, and we are willing to assume all the economic and legal responsibilities that result from this.

In addition, technical information, token generation is unique; contract address and open code match each other; smart contracts, including additional issues, special features such as destruction need special declaration; undisclosed information must comply with industry practices and public order and good customs.

Commitment person: