Term of use

bzone.io respects and protects the privacy of all users who use bzone.io Platform Services. In order to provide you with more accurate and more personalized services, bzone.io will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. However, bzone.io will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, bzone.io will not disclose or provide such information to third parties without your prior permission. bzone.io will update this Privacy Policy from time to time. When you agree to the bzone.io Service Agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the full content of this Privacy Policy. This privacy policy is an integral part of the bzone.io service agreement.

This agreement is concluded between you and the bzone.io operator. This agreement has contractual validity.

The operator of bzone.io is the legally-recognized owner of the website responsible for operating the platform. For information on the bzone.io operator, please refer to the company information and license information published at the bottom of the bzone.io homepage. The operators of bzone.io in this Agreement may be referred to individually or collectively as "bzone.io Inc". "bzone.io" refers to a web platform operated by bzone.io, including but not limited to bzone.io, with the domain name http://www.bzone.io.com/ This site is an encrypted website.

I. Agreement Content and Signature

This agreement contains the text of the agreement and all rules that bzone.io has published or may publish in the future. All rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the agreement. Except as otherwise expressly stated, any services provided by bzone.io and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as bzone.io Services) are subject to this Agreement.

You should carefully read the entire agreement before using the bzone.io service. You should focus on reading the content of the agreement in bold font. If you have any questions about the agreement, you should consult with bzone.io. However, regardless of whether you actually read the contents of this Agreement before using the bzone.io Service, as long as you use the bzone.io Service, this Agreement will bind you, and you should not read the contents of this Agreement or obtain bzone.io Reasons for inquiries and other reasons, claim that this agreement is invalid, or require the withdrawal of this agreement. You are committed to accepting and complying with the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, you should immediately stop the registration/activation process or stop using the bzone.io service.

II. Registration and account
1, registrant qualification

You confirm that when you complete the registration process or actually use bzone.io services in a manner that is permitted by other bzone.io, you should be a natural, legal, or other organization that has full civil rights capabilities and full civil capacity. If you do not possess the aforementioned subject qualifications, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences resulting therefrom, and bzone.io has the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account and claim compensation from you and your guardian.

2, Registration and Account

After you complete the information, read and agree to the agreement and complete the registration process, or follow the activation page prompts you to complete the information, read and agree to this agreement and complete the activation process, or you in other When bzone.io allows you to actually use the bzone.io service, you are bound by this agreement. You may enter bzone.io as a login by using the email, mobile number or other methods bzone.io allows or confirms that you provide or confirm. You must provide information such as your real name, ID type, ID number, and other laws and regulations. bzone.io assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information provided at the time of registration. You will be liable for any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.

bzone.io accounts can only be held and used by me. bzone.io reserves the right to freeze, stop, or cancel accounts not used by us and does not assume any legal responsibility.

3. User Information

When completing the registration or activation process, you should follow the legal and regulatory requirements and provide accurate and timely updates to your data in order to make it true, timely, complete and accurate. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided by you is wrong, false, outdated or incomplete, bzone.io shall have the right to issue you an inquiry and/or request a notice of correction, and have the right to directly process the deletion of the relevant information until the suspension. Termination provides you with some or all of the bzone.io services. bzone.io assumes no responsibility for this and you will be liable for any direct or indirect damages and adverse consequences arising therefrom.

4, Account Security

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your bzone.io login name and password, and for all activities (including but not limited to information disclosure, posting information, online click consent) that occur under your login name, bzone.io nickname and password. Or submit all kinds of rules agreements, online renewal agreements or purchase services, etc.) take responsibility. You agree that: (a) You will immediately notify bzone.io if you discover any unauthorized use of your bzone.io nickname and password account, or any other breach of confidentiality; (b) Ensure that you strictly abide by the security of the site/service. , certification, transaction, recharge, withdrawal mechanism or process; and (c) ensure that you leave the site/service with the correct steps at the end of each online period. bzone.io cannot and will not be liable for any loss that may occur as a result of your failure to comply with this paragraph. You understand that bzone.io takes a reasonable amount of time to act on your request and bzone.io will not be liable for any consequences (including but not limited to any loss you may have incurred) prior to taking action.

III. bzone.io Service

With bzone.io services and other services provided by bzone.io and its affiliates, members can publish transaction information, query transaction information, close deals and transactions, participate in bzone.io activities, and use other information services and technical services on bzone.io. . In the event of a transaction dispute with other members in the course of your transaction on bzone.io, bzone.io shall have the right to make a mediation decision based on unilateral judgment once you or any other member or both parties jointly submit a bzone.io request mediation. You understand and agree to accept bzone.io's judgment. And the mediation decided.

You understand and agree that bzone.io has the right to provide the necessary information such as user information and transaction records that you provide to bzone.io to government agencies (including judicial and administrative authorities) upon request. If you are suspected of infringing the legal rights of others, such as intellectual property rights, bzone.io also reserves the right to provide the right holder with your necessary identity information in the initial judgment of the existence of the alleged infringement.

In the course of using bzone.io services, your taxable contributions, as well as all hardware, software, services, and other costs, are your sole responsibility. When using this service, you agree that all transactions cannot be changed once they are executed. When using this service, you agree that bzone.io has the right to liquidate transactions at any time, regardless of profit or loss.

IV. bzone.io Service Usage Guidelines

In the process of using bzone.io services on bzone.io, you are committed to abide by the following conventions: All actions performed in the use of bzone.io services are in compliance with the provisions of national laws, regulations and other normative documents and bzone.io rules, and do not violate Social public interest or public morality, without prejudice to the lawful rights and interests of others, does not evade taxes and fees, and does not violate this agreement and related rules. If you violate any of the foregoing commitments and have any legal consequences, you should assume all legal responsibilities in your own name and ensure bzone.io is free from any resulting loss. In the process of dealing with other members, we abide by the principle of good faith, do not adopt unfair competition practices, do not disturb the normal order of online transactions, and do not engage in acts unrelated to online transactions. Commercial use of any data on bzone.io is not included, including but not limited to the use of information displayed on the bzone.io station in any manner such as reproduction or distribution without the prior written consent of bzone.io. Do not use any device, software, or routine procedures to intervene or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of bzone.io or any transaction or activity being conducted on bzone.io. You must not take any action that will result in unreasonably large data loads to bzone.io network devices.

You understand and agree that: bzone.io has the right to unilaterally determine whether you have breached the above undertakings, and to process or terminate the service to you in accordance with the applicable rules of the unilateral findings, without requiring your consent or advance notice to you. . Based on the need to maintain bzone.io trading order and transaction security, bzone.io has the right to execute operations such as closing corresponding trade orders in the event of malicious sales or purchases disrupting the normal trading order of the market. You have been infringed or infringed by an effective legal instrument of the national administrative or judicial authority, or if bzone.io believes in your own judgment that your actions are in violation of the terms of this agreement and/or the rules or that allegedly violate the laws and regulations, bzone.io The right to publicize your alleged breach of law or breach of rights and the measures bzone.io has taken against you at bzone.io. bzone.io reserves the right to delete the information that you have posted on bzone.io that allegedly violates the law or allegedly infringes upon the legal rights of others or violates this agreement and/or rules, and is punished in accordance with the rules. With respect to your conduct on bzone.io, including those that you have not implemented on bzone.io but have had an impact on bzone.io and its users, bzone.io has the right to unilaterally determine the nature of your conduct and whether it constitutes a violation of this Agreement and/or the Rules, and According to this, the corresponding penalty shall be made. You should keep all the evidence related to your actions and respond to the unfavorable consequences of not being able to provide sufficient evidence. Any damage to any third party caused by your alleged violation of the promise shall be borne solely by you in your own name and shall ensure that bzone.io is free from any loss or increase in costs. If you are suspected of violating the relevant laws or the provisions of this agreement, causing bzone.io to suffer any loss, or being subject to any third party’s claims, or being punished by any administrative department, you shall compensate bzone.io for the resulting loss and/or expenses incurred. , including reasonable attorneys' fees.

V. Responsibility Scope and Limitation of Liability

Any express or implied warranty, including but not limited to, the suitability of bzone.io services, no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, suitability for a particular purpose. At the same time, bzone.io does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the technologies and information involved in bzone.io services.

You understand that information on bzone.io is posted by users themselves and may be subject to risks and embarrassments. bzone.io is only a trading location. bzone.io only serves as a place for you to obtain Bitcoin information, identify trading partners, negotiate and conduct transactions on Bitcoin transactions, but bzone.io cannot control the quality, security or legality of the Bitcoin involved in the transaction, and the authenticity of the transaction information. Accuracy, and the ability of the parties to the transaction to fulfill their obligations in the transaction agreement. You should use your own discretion to determine the authenticity, legitimacy and validity of the relevant Bitcoin and/or information, and to bear the resulting responsibilities and losses.

bzone.io is not obliged to perform a prior review of all users' informational data, Bitcoin information, transactional activities, and other transactions related matters unless explicitly required by laws and regulations or in the following circumstances: bzone.io has reasonable grounds to believe that certain There may be major violations or violations of the membership and specific transactions. bzone.io has reasonable grounds to believe that the user's conduct in bzone.io is suspected of illegal or inappropriate. bzone.io or bzone.io-authorized third parties or third parties that you and bzone.io unanimously agree to have the right to enter into disputes arising from your transactions with other members based on your irrevocable authorization, and have the right to unilaterally determine the facts related to the dispute and the applicable Rules, and then make processing decisions, including but not limited to adjust the transaction status of related orders, instruct the third party payment company or customer service to pay all or part of the disputed payment to one or both sides of the transaction. This decision is binding on you. If you do not execute the decision within the deadline, bzone.io has the right (but not the obligation) to use the money in your bzone.io account directly or pay your bond to bzone.io and its affiliates. You should make up the margin in time and make up for the losses of bzone.io and its affiliates, otherwise bzone.io and its affiliates will have the right to directly reduce your interest in other contracts and have the right to continue the recovery.

You understand and agree that third parties authorized by bzone.io or bzone.io, or third parties that you have agreed with bzone.io, are not the judiciary and can only authenticate the evidence in the capacity of an ordinary person, or a bzone.io or bzone.io authorized third party or you and the bzone.io's unanimous third-party mediation of disputes is entirely based on your irrevocable authorization. It is unable to guarantee that the outcome of the dispute resolution meets your expectations, nor does it assume any responsibility for the conclusion of the dispute. If you suffer losses as a result, you agree to claim compensation from the beneficiary yourself.

You understand and agree that bzone.io shall not be liable for any damages caused to you by any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to loss of profit, goodwill, use, data, etc., or damages for other intangible losses ( Whether or not bzone.io has been informed of such damages)

VI. Agreement terminated

You agree that bzone.io reserves the right at its sole discretion to suspend or terminate any part of or all of bzone.io services for any reason without prior notice, temporarily freezing or permanently freezing (deregistering) your account's rights to bzone.io without the need to do so. For this reason, you or any third party shall bear any responsibility, but bzone.io has the right to continue to save the relevant transaction data, records and other information of the account and to use and use the information. bzone.io has the right to terminate this agreement directly by canceling the account in the following cases, and reserves the right to permanently freeze (logout) your account's rights in bzone.io and recover the bzone.io nickname corresponding to the account: After bzone.io terminates the service to you, you Allegedly registered as a bzone.io user directly or indirectly or in another person's name;

The email address you provided does not exist or cannot be received, and there is no other way to contact you, or bzone.io informs you to change your email message with other contact information, and within three business days of your notification by bzone.io Has not changed to a valid email address;

The main content of the user information you provided is untrue or inaccurate or not timely or incomplete. When this agreement (including rules) is changed, you expressly and inform bzone.io not to accept the new service agreement; other bzone.io thinks The service should be terminated.

bzone.io is not obliged to retain or disclose to you any information in your account, nor is it obliged to forward any information to you or to a third party after your account services have been terminated or your account's rights to bzone.io have been permanently frozen (deregistered). Information that you have not read or sent.

You agree that after the termination of your contractual relationship with bzone.io, bzone.io will still have the following rights: Continue to store your user information and all transaction information during your use of bzone.io services. bzone.io may still claim against you under this Agreement if you have committed an illegal act or violated this Agreement and/or the rules during the use of bzone.io Services. After bzone.io suspends or terminates the provision of bzone.io services to you, it shall be treated in accordance with the following principles in relation to your transaction prior to the termination or termination of the service, and you shall solely handle and fully bear any disputes, losses or increased costs arising from the following processing. And you should ensure that bzone.io is free from any loss or costs incurred: bzone.io reserves the right to delete the relevant goods while the service has been suspended or terminated before the bit digital currency that has been uploaded to bzone.io is yet to be traded. Information; You have entered into a sales contract with other members before the service is suspended or terminated. However, if the contract has not been actually performed, bzone.io shall have the right to delete the relevant information of the sales contract and its transaction Bitcoin; you have already been related to other services before the service is suspended or terminated. If the member has reached a sales contract and has partially performed it, bzone.io may not delete the transaction, but bzone.io shall have the right to notify the other party of the relevant situation at the same time when the service is suspended or terminated.

Privacy Policy

bzone.io will revise the Privacy Policy from time to time on the bzone.io Platform, which constitutes an integral part of this Agreement.